Deliver certainty and clarity to cardholders

Cardholders benefit from knowing what they’re paying when they’re paying.


Currently, when cardholders use credit or debit cards in ATMs or Point-of-Sale terminals abroad:

  • Cardholders are exposed to uncertainty of the cost of a transaction.
  • Banks can make vast profits by varying the exchange rates in their favour between the time of the transaction and the time the money is taken from the cardholder’s bank account.

With Currency Stream, the cardholder can know precisely the amount they are paying in their own currency at the time of the transaction. This certainty is based on live exchange rates direct from the global FX markets, not some spurious rate exchange rate determined by a bank or a card processing company at some later date.

This ensures the cardholder is getting the most up-to-date exchange rate at that moment with no uncertainty and complete transparency.


Merchants bring certainty to their customers – allowing them to purchase with confidence without complicating the process.

As a merchant, shopkeeper, once you have a customer in-front of you interested in purchasing a good or service, the last thing you want is customer uncertainty.

Currency Stream ensures that the customer is able to determine value at the point of sale, clearly and concisely without having to try and calculate the rough costs in their own home currency.

Certainty is a value-added service that the Merchant can now offer, ensuring the customer can purchase with confidence.

As an additional benefit to the Merchant, Currency Stream diverts the FX margin away from the Issuing Bank and this enables the Merchant to receive a proportion of this. This means that the merchant or shopkeeper actually receives an additional small margin that otherwise would have been taken by the Cardholder bank.

“Currency Stream’s partnership offers us a competitive advantage that has helped ChangeGroup secure ATM locations with top retailers and airports”

CEO, Global Payment Processor

“Fixed pricing enables our clients to price with certainty and protect margins in a competitive market”

FD, Payment Processor

Currency Stream places interbank spreads in the hands of payment companies for hedging purposes and dis-intermediates the banks.”

$10Bn+ transactions

Leading players across the globe trust Currency Stream to handle their FX transactions each day