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Cardholders know what they’re paying in their home currency at the point of purchase

As an Acquirer, you have worked hard to attract and retain your Merchant clients. The key driver for the Merchant is to see the transaction completed without delay. Even a small risk of uncertainty can impact that buying decision.

With Currency Stream, Merchants and Acquirers can be confident they are presenting the very best, most transparent pricing to the Cardholder at this time of transaction. In turn, the Cardholder can be confident of the value of the transaction because they are paying in their home currency, which is their normal way of assessing value.

Certainty is a value-added service that the Merchant can now offer, ensuring the customer can purchase with confidence.

As the Acquirer, you now have control over the exchange rate margin being applied. This can be varied based on location, currency, time of day or even to a specific terminal. This ensures that you determine the balance between delivering unrivalled Cardholder experience of rates, generate a fair and balanced FX revenue and determine what proportion can be shared with the Merchant.


An improved customer journey that will lead to more transactions and greater revenue

Currency Stream has developed a brilliantly simple widget, backed by sophisticated machine learning developed over 20 years. It can be installed as an integral part of any FX transaction process and generates added value from every transaction starting as low as $1. It is already in use in thousands of ATMs and POS payment systems worldwide and been involved in revolutionising more than $10Bn of currency exchange transactions during this time.


“Currency Stream’s partnership offers us a competitive advantage that has helped ChangeGroup secure ATM locations with top retailers and airports”

CEO, Global Payment Processor

“Fixed pricing enables our clients to price with certainty and protect margins in a competitive market”

FD, Payment Processor

Currency Stream places interbank spreads in the hands of payment companies for hedging purposes and dis-intermediates the banks.”

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    $10Bn+ transactions

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