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Currency Stream delivers a constant new, single channel revenue stream for the Government from existing and all future tourist spending.

Currently, all card transactions conducted by tourists and business travellers in your country generate many hundreds of millions of dollars in excess profits for Issuing Banks in the home country of the traveller.

With Currency Stream, governments can capture this excess income and divert it to the Treasury of the country where the transactions are taking place.

Currency Stream harvests that margin, retaining it within national boundaries where it can be applied to a range of purposes – from social projects and vaccination programmes to helping fund Public-Private partnership programmes.

Our approach does not negatively impact the cardholder or the merchant in any way. The cardholder achieves certainty of price, and the merchant gains a small additional margin.


Currency Stream automatically hedges each transaction to ensure no risk of FX movement between Txn time and Settlement time

“Currency Stream’s partnership offers us a competitive advantage that has helped ChangeGroup secure ATM locations with top retailers and airports”

CEO, Global Payment Processor

“Fixed pricing enables our clients to price with certainty and protect margins in a competitive market”

FD, Payment Processor

Currency Stream places interbank spreads in the hands of payment companies for hedging purposes and dis-intermediates the banks.”

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