case study

Multi-currency Solution for an Independent ATM Network

May 10, 2020

Change Group International is a leading global Foreign Exchange bureau business, serving 3 million customers per year with a network of over 120 branches, operating in 23 cities across Europe, North America and Asia Pacific.


The group made a strategic decision to enter the ATM market as an independent operator. With prominent international airport locations, a multi-currency (or dynamic currency conversion – DCC) service was an important component of their market offering, along with FX Dispense capabilities.

Currency Stream was initially engaged by the CEO to conduct a strategic assessment of the business model, including deriving data to target locations and branches for ATMs across the existing and potential estate.

As part of the bureau business, Change Group already had an existing relationship with a traditional DCC supplier.

Business Challenge / Opportunity

DCC and FX Dispense services required specialist FX knowledge to set up and manage in order to maximise DCC acceptance rates and deliver budgeted revenue streams.

The traditional DCC solution generated revenues equating to between 3-6% of the transaction value, with a roughly equal split going to the acquirer, the ATM operator and the DCC provider. Change Group wanted to offer their customers better exchange rates, without compromising service performance and revenue.

In addition, FX Dispense of foreign currency by ATM machines presented a similar but operationally different  risk management challenge to manage and capture the maximum revenue for the client.

Change Group’s existing DCC supplier was not able to support real time hedging of FX exposure associated with the ‘FX Dispense’ service.

“Currency Stream’s partnership offered us a competitive advantage that has helped Change Group secure ATM locations with top retailers such as Harrods, airports such as Helsinki, and out of town retail parks like Bicester Village.”

Sacha Zackariya (CEO, Change Group International Plc.)


DCC and FX Dispense services needed to be fully compliant with card scheme rules, competitively priced, and free from currency

The Solution

Currency Stream was engaged to implement the Currency Engine within the Change Group ATM infrastructure to deliver real-time FX rates and instant   risk management of transactions on all customer transactions at ATMs.


The Currency Engine real time API was integrated with EVRY, the front-end processor, in 4 weeks.

DCC services are now live in 14 currencies across the UK and northern Europe and in 5 countries.

A further 5 non-scheme currencies are being rolled out and new geographies are being targeted to accelerate the growth.