Our Services

Currency Engine:
  • Multi-currency API (Real time pricing of 30+ currencies)
  • Multi-currency API (Fixed pricing of 50+ currencies)
  • Micro-payment Matched Hedging
  • Netted Settlement
Consulting Services:
  • Multi-currency Strategy Consulting
  • Front End User Engagement
  • Operational & Technical Design
  • Technical Implementation
  • Outsourced Back Office Processing

Currency Stream has developed ground-breaking technology, enabling Payment Providers and Merchant customers to price goods and services in any currency, without bearing currency risk.

The result is a huge competitive advantage for our customers:

Certainty of FX profits (up to 300% increase in FX revenues over traditional DCC)

Flexibility to meet client demand

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Grasp new market opportunities with immediate results.

Currency Stream’s multi-currency products and consulting services demystify Foreign Exchange, empowering you with the tools and technology to provide currency services direct to your customers.

Noel Goddard, Managing Director