Currency Stream was established in 2010, founded by a former investment banking FX team who noticed that multicurrency micropayments were expensive, inefficient and outdated. The evidence was clear that payment providers were paying too much and not getting the service and development their customers were asking for.
The team set about developing proprietary technology which can price and hedge multicurrency payments of any size, in real time, 24/7.
In 2011, Currency Stream launched with a major virtual card processing business in the travel sector who were looking for a solution to manage the risk associated with high volumes of client payments in a variety of currencies.
Having developed a compelling commercial proposition, and a reputation for robust, scalable technology, backed up by rigorous operational processes, the business received investment from a major international currency business in 2012.
Currency Stream now serves market leading businesses across the payments industry and beyond.

We value Customer Service, Innovation, Integrity and Transparency
in our business offerings, our processes and our people.

Our mission is to:

Eliminate currency risk and complexity for our customers;
Transform the provision of multicurrency value added services;
Empower our customers to grow and serve new markets

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